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calculated simplicity.

About us

We develop Spraybots to automate manual spray processes in the construction and
renovation sector.

Our team consists of interdisceplanary experts with decades of experience in the construction
and paint application

This consolidated expertise allows us to apply the right level of automation to a given task.

At Nova Spraytec, we practice ethical automation. We provide the work force with more efficient tools, to make hard jobs on construction-sites easier and enhance human performance.


The construction sector as a whole facing a number of critical challenges.

Therefore, the next few years will bring revolutionary improvements that affect every trade.

Knowing the diversity of situations on the construction site, we have set ourselves the task of developing a simple and effective tool.

These industry challenges create an opportunity for us to apply our expertise, in order to provide practical solutions for the decorative painting market.



Health & Safety

Nova-s Call it a day early with the press of a button.

NOVA-S was designed as a Spraybot to automate manual processes in the decorative painting market.

NOVA-S was designed as a Spraybot to automate manual processes in the decorative painting market.

NOVA-S is affordable and accessible to every painting company, thanks to its simple design and ease of operation.

NOVA-S can handle repetitive actions with the simple press of a button. With this perfect teammate, daily tasks can be completed more efficiently at ease.

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Variable height for varying requirements

Compact dimensions in transport mode


  • The most affordable product on the market
  • Up to 2x faster than conventional methods
  • No robotics expertise required
  • Robust, practical, easy to transport
  • Simple design for maintenance and repair

product features:

  • Self-driving and push mode
  • Automatic wall alignment
  • Automatic spray gun angling
  • Manual and automatic control modes
  • Easily fits onto standard Euro pallets


B = 702mm
L = 1183mm
H = 1690mm – 2989mm

Material Application System: Compatible with all airless systems
Target speed: up to 250m² per hour
Voltage: Standard 230V
Weight: 90kg

customer benefits


(per hour)
(e.g 1.50€/m²)
8 hr
8 hr




* assuming 3.50€/m2 based on standard German rates, VAT not included.


Read some impressions we've received from industry experts:

Thomas Hönig, CEO and Owner, Jahnke GmbH

Erwin Franke

Regional Director Lower Bavaria / Upper Palatinate, Franz Rebl Malereibetrieb GmbH

The Franz Rebl Malereibetrieb GmbH has had a cooperation with Nova Spraytec for approximately two years, which aims to solve our problems. We mainly provide ourservices on large construction sites with a lot of time pressure, and we want to relieve this pressure from our employees. Therefore, we aim to achieve more quantity, consistent quality, and less pressure on the employees through robotic technology. We have already had the opportunity to test the product as well as the quality of the surface finish in three pilot projects and were already very satisfied with the results. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with the innovative minds at Nova Spraytec.

Robert Opfergeld, CEO and Owner, Robert Opfergeld Malereibetrieb GmbH

Robert Opfergeld

CEO and Owner, Robert Opfergeld Malereibetrieb GmbH

My company – Malereibetrieb Robert Opfergeld GmbH – mainly concerns itself with large-scale building sites. Since quite a while though we are watching the labor market closely. Young and skilled labor is extremely rare nowadays and we thus have difficulties finding employees. Especially within the field of industrial-scale construction the benefits of automating most of the tasks would be immense. Among experts we often dream about this kind of automation. So, I am all the happier to see ARE23’s team tackle this challenge!

Thomas Vilgertshofer, CEO and Owner, Vilgertshofer Group

Thomas Vilgertshofer

CEO and Owner, Vilgertshofer Group

Building trades are currently facing several challenges. Quality requirements are becoming higher and higher while building times are being shortened. At the same time, skilled labor is hard to find. In my opinion this means that the time for automation has come. A technologization of the trade would certainly be beneficial – especially when it comes to quality control and attracting young talent. The level of commitment and the speed of progress that the team around ARE23 demonstrated over the last year is deeply impressive. I strongly believe in this team and I am looking forward to accompanying the future development!

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